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Friday Finds – 00

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Friday Finds

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Memoirs from VIT

Posted: January 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
Its been long due that I wrote something here —

The other day I was cleaning up my laptop HDD and bumped into an old document – my speech at the BE send-off function at VIT..

It brought back memories of the good ol’ times at vit… and as if serendipity had to have its say.. I happened to be playing Ali Hyder’s "Purani Jeans aur guitar" …

Recalling my graduation stint in those 4 years point to some "vital statistics", the importance of which can only be appreciated by a fellow VITian

  • – 75% attendance
  • – 40% passing
  • – 13 No. Upper Indiranagar bus
  • – 3.50 rs Wada paav
  • – 10:50 AM 1st lecture –
  • zeroth day T&P
  • – 102,103,104 classrooms
  • – 92 /0 (no comments)

and the list goes on.. 5% boiler efficiency – 0.5 pencils – 80:1 transmission ratio – 6 DOF – 99.9997 six sigma – 2000 Reynolods number – 2 stroke and 4 stroke – ad infinitum

But in between all these numbers there was life.. that we lived for 4 years .. and which had a grand finale with the Send-off in our so very frequented VIT Auditorium –

Here are the excerpts from that document verbatim .. reading this back I think I was very much enamored by Shiv khera at that time … and also I think I actually ended my speech differently while speaking that day. ..


Probably this is the last time we all are meeting together in VIT. Through the last four years this hall has seen all of us come together for various functions, sometimes willingly sometimes otherwise.

Today, my thoughts go back to the 1st day in VIT. Before coming here, I had heard from my elder brother Kalpak, who also happens to be an ex-VITian, that VIT was very strict and all the teachers were very exacting. So I had a feeling of hard times ahead and my hunch seemed to come to reality the very first day, when we were made to attain the college till 5.45 pm. But looking back today, I have no hesitation to say that “Those were the best days of my life”

I often hear people say that VIT is a school, attendance compulsory, very strict no freedom and all that stuff. But I would like to share a story; a boy was flying a kite with his father. And he asked him “Father, what kept the kite up?”

His father replied “The string”

Puzzled the boy asked “Isn’t it the kite that is holding the kite down?”

His father simply asked his son to see as he cut the string. Guess what happened to the kite? It came down.

Same is about discipline in VIT; sometimes the very things that we think are holding us down are the things that are helping us fly.

From structures in SOM to vibrations in DOM – From circuits in Electronics to grippers in Robotics – From austenite and ferrite in Metallurgy to enthalpy, entropy and energy

All were like devils to me. To add to my woes were a series of machine designs and thermodynamics. I would not have been here, without the support of all the teachers. These teachers helped me domesticate these evils. On behalf of all the BE Mechanical students I would like to thank all the teachers for their diligent and painstaking efforts.

In the end I remember one story told by one of my school teachers that

A boy was drowning in a river and he shouted “Help, Help”. A man passing by jumped in the river and saved his life.

As the man was leaving, the boy said “thank you!”

The man turned back and said “For what?”

The boy replied “For saving my life.”

The man looked into the boy’s eyes and said “Son, make sure that when you grow up, that your life was worth saving.”

In the end one thing that I have always been proud to say " Awaz kunacha Mechanical Cha….”UNQUOTE —

Suneet Luniya